Rent a house with pool in Ile-de-Ré

Rent a house

Right in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Charentais islands, the island of Ile-de-Ré is a destination that attracts vacationers from France and elsewhere. To enjoy your stay, why not visit this website which helps you find and rent your favorite holiday house

Rent in the Vendée coast of Ile de Ré !

Off the Vendée coast, the island of Ré arises as a pearl in the middle of the ocean. A real gem that has turned into privileged holiday destination. Practical and comfortable, a house in Ile-de-Ré is the solution for your stay, particularly a villa with a pool in the backyard. Also economically, if you’re planning to go with a bunch of friends you can obviuosly share the rental fee. Renting a house is definitely cheaper than staying at a hotel room. For your holiday as a couple, a house in Ile de Re is still the best solution, this will help you treat yourself to a truly local experience.

What to do in Ile-de-Ré

Just 30 minutes’ drive from La Rochelle, Ile de Ré is a secret now shared alike. This completely flat island includes perfect cycling paths reaching the four corners of the island. When there, you can explore the northern marshes where famous salt workers are found, a place also known as an ideal spot for bird watching. Over 300 species of birds live there indeed. For water lovers, Ile de Ré is also the place to be since its beaches welcome all kinds of sailing activities through surfing and kite-surfing. You can roam and discover the Trousse-Chemise forest by bike and take a breath of invigorating fresh air.

Live as if you were home in Ile-de-Ré

Opting for a vacation rental in Ile-de-Ré is definitely the choice to make. Indeed, there are many advantages to doing so. On top of that, many houses in Ile-de-Ré are available with pools, an ideal solution to make all your family members enjoy their holidays to the fullest!

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