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Published on : 17 June 20194 min reading time

A few years ago, if you wanted to hire a car, you had to go to a car hiring agency and complete tiresome paperwork before being allowed to leave with the car. But now, thanks to the internet, renting a car has been made easier. A digital car rental model has emerged, and it has been spearheaded by Drivy. The peer to peer model allows you to hire a car from the locals. Since many people own cars but do not use them on a daily basis, peer-to-peer car hiring services allow them to hire their cars to anybody who would be interested. Applications and transactions are made mainly through the website. It connects you to the person you want to rent the car from. For more information, go to the website

How to Rent a Car from the Locals

Peer to peer car hiring will allow you to hire a car directly from the locals. Drivy offers their rental services. If you want to hire a car from locals using Drivy, there are a few things you should do. First, you should have a look at their website or download the Drivy app from any app store, then create a complete profile. You are required to fill all the important information before you are allowed to hire a car. You should fill the location from which you want to rent the car because you will be hiring the car from the locals.

After you’ve filled all the necessary information, a variety of cars and their details will be provided so that you can choose. Normally, the cars are arranged in different categories which determine the rental fee. After picking the car of your choice, you will notify the owner who will verify your request. The owner can accept or reject your request depending on their criterion. As soon as the request is accepted, you will be asked to make an online payment. The last part involves contacting the owner and arranging pick-up details.

The Requirements of Using the Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Services

You should be 21 years and above with a driver’s license to be allowed to hire a car using this rental services. But many car owners are unwilling to hire their vehicles to people below 25 years and above 70 years. You can use your drivers’ licence, but it should be in English. If your driver’s licence is in a different language, you will be required to look for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) to be allowed to hire a car using these peer to peer car hire services. Renters who have had a major conviction, or have two minor convictions in the last five years cannot be allowed to rent cars. Also, if you have more than 6 points in your driver’s licence, you will not be allowed to use these car hiring services.

How Much do you Expect to be Charged?

The rental fees are mainly determined by the owners and vary from model to model. Normally you should expect to be charged 30% less when you hire a car from the locals. The amount charged mainly depends on the duration of the hire and also the cars’ category you choose. The insurance policy you pick also determines the fee. If you decide to take the excess reduction, you will be charged less money if you get into an accident. If the damage is not too much, then the insurance company will pay the whole amount of the damage.


The peer-to-peer car hire services allow you to hire a car from the locals. It has not only made car hiring easy but also reduced the rental fee. It has also reduced the burden of returning the car to the agencies. There is personal contact between the owner and the renter, which can allow negotiation and also further transaction in the future. The locals can also provide you with information about camping sites that may be very useful to you as a tourist.

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