Comfort on the Road with Norcold

the Road with Norcold

Published on : 08 December 20172 min reading time

When you get right down to it, Norcold RV refrigerators are phenomenal.  The vast selection of Norcold RV fridges will ensure that you wouldn’t have to explore other brands to secure your own choice for specific model for an RV fridge.  All Norcold refrigerators are products of supreme technical expertise interspersed with creative and imaginative aesthetic sensibility.  You couldn’t go wrong with a Norcold.

Here’s how an RV refrigerator from Norcold works:  it’s easy to install and can be seamlessly integrated in no time.  In a Norcold refrigerator, the design calls for a rear power supply and compressor, making the unit space-efficient and just perfect in a limited space setting of an RV interior.  Since the compressor is hermetically-sealed, the fridge unit is overall quiet and trouble-free.  More flexibility in terms of design is made possible with reversible door panels, removable door panes, and integrated door latches.

In terms of cooling performance, the control panel can be manual or digital.  New and freshened up refrigerator models from Norcold have digital thermostat built-in their units.  Other models are cutting edge to incorporate LED digital display for the current temperature setting, making it easier to monitor the fridge.  While most of the Norcold refrigerators support manual defrost, a few specific models have frost-free and automatic defrost function.

Other interesting features in nearly all Norcold refrigerators are the following – door ajar alarm, lock door handles and storage latches on doors.  Most of the refrigerator models from Norcold are powdered coated to avoid rust; others are embedded with steel frame to protect from scratches and dents.

Convenience and comfort on the road are two things that Norcold really value in its range of RV and truck refrigerators.  Imagine what it’s like to easily access a cold drink on your portable refrigerator integrated in the interiors of your recreational vehicle.    Such comfort is enough to consider your RV your home.

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