Camping Holidays Croatia

Camping Holidays Croatia

Experience Nature in Your Camping Holidays Croatia

Needless to say, one of the best ways to know more and explore a country is to spend some time traveling it with friends or family. With this being said, it is a good choice to have camping holidays Croatia. Especially with the countries colorful and rich culture, you will surely have an excellent time going around the country to have some adventures. One of the things that you will truly appreciate about this country is the Istrian Peninsula. It is considered as Croatia’s green oasis with its small fishing villages which are dotted along the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. And not only that, you will be amazed with the rich landscapes of the area that are also full of vineyards and pine trees. While Croatia has yet to be regarded as one of the most liked and visited countries in Europe, camping holidays Croatia is no doubt one of the best things to do for people who are looking for some sunshine, sea and a very well preserved nature.

If you are wondering what things you can do during your stay in Croatia, well, there are plenty of them. There are so many good places in the country where you will surely have a nice time with your loved ones. Here are some of the places you can visit and some of the things you surely have to try doing while you are in your camping holidays Croatia.

Labin: Labin is a magnificent town situated in the Eastern Coast of the Istrian peninsula. Here you will definitely have to look around and feel the luxury and wealth of the Venetian inspired old churches as well as palaces. After some time, you may then proceed to the highest and topmost point of the hillside to take a breathtaking view of the coastline just right below you.

Groznjan: Groznjan is a small village that you can find inland. It is known to be the home of a world famous international school of music. It is here where you can witness numerous recitals all throughout the summer season. There are also a lot of concerts and displays held in this village. What is magnificent here is that as you stroll around the busy streets, you will be able to hear musicians rehearsing and playing beautiful music. There are also many art shops and galleries in the area, so you will find it easy to shop for some souvenirs for your camping holidays Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park: This Park will definitely take your breath away with its amazing views, which includes the 16 amazing lakes. This national park with rich green vegetation is also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will witness here very tranquil waters, beautiful waterfalls, and some of the rare wildlife.

Rovinj: Another part of your camping holidays Croatia will be a trip to the ancient and magnificent town of Rovinj. Here you will be amazed by the narrow cobbled streets which also allow you to get a good view of the sea as well as the 13 green islands making up the Rovinj archipelago.

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